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Augur Falls, Adirondacks


Welcome to my web site. Everything is under construction still, but I have parts of the web site working.

Photo Diary - This is an ongoing gallery of images I have taken. These are updated every couple of weeks. Although the majority of photos are from the Hudson Valley of New York, I have made periodic trips to the Canadian Rockies and to New Zealand. (Last Updated - July 30, 2015)

Portfolios - Every few years, I build a new portfolio of images representing my best work over that time. There are approximately 30 images in a portfolio. I've added an ongoing project here, In Back of New York. It's something that I started a couple of years ago to relieve the boredom of the daily commute to work. I started out trying to capture sharp images, classic street shots of people, but none of my cameras were up to the job. Shooting in all kinds of lighting conditions made capturing anything sharp hopeless, so instead of giving up, I decided to use the blurriness of long exposures as part of the effect. Eventually I'll post the few sharp images I have captured, but they are so different in feel. (Last Updated June 6, 2009)

Shows - I've begun participating in juried gallery shows and post copies of the announcement cards.

About me - I have lived in the Lower Hudson Valley for more than twenty years and seriously photographing in this area for about ten.

I began photography back in high school, more than 30 years ago. Much of that photography was of people around where I grew up. It slowly changed over to landscape and nature. In later high school and college, I did a lot of journalistic photography. After college, I practically stopped. Buying a digital camera in 1998 rekindled my interest and I shot that exclusively for almost a year, upgrading to a better digital camera as my skills improved and my requirements increased.

After a brief but intense re-acquaintance with film as I began to sell my photos to local publications, I resumed shooting all digital when the first affordable digital SLRs came on the market. I've been essentially all digital since 2003 and have never felt a need to look back.

Most of my early work here has been landscapes but recently it has become more and more wildlife oriented. When the weather and the landscape don't come together, there always seems to be some form of birds around. Good bird photography is extremely challenging and very rewarding as they have so many interesting behaviors.



Contact: HerbChong@compuserve.com

Last Updated 07/30/2015